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Nice to meet you. We’re Hot Sauce.


Hot Sauce is a motion design and creative studio founded out of a love and need to create something good. —

The Hot Sauce team is small, and together we push the limits set on creativity and craftsmanship. We leverage our motion design expertise to influence our process and innovate in our capabilities.


A year in review.


What we do.

We’re an extension of your creative team. We combine good ideas and good design to make things that move.


Motion Design

Design Systems
Brand & Explainer Videos
Demo Reels
Social Content

Visual Design

Interaction Design
Rapid Prototyping
Website Design
Experience & Interface

Brand Design

Naming & Architecture
Logo & Identity Systems
Presentation Design
Brand Development


We can work together.

There’s no one right way to do a thing. In fact, there’s multiple paths to success. It’s important to us that we’re available and flexible enough to travel that path with you.


Design Starter Kit

We’re available in a to work directly
with your team, remote or onsite.

Fixed Investment

It’s our preferred method to work on
a flat project fee with an auxiliary budget.

Monthly Retainer

Ideally, we can plan on working side
by side for a minimum of 3 months.


The Design
& Motion
Starter Kit


We work well with startups.

We can help you get your project off the ground. Whatever the deliverable, on a three to five day timeline we can take your idea and craft a quality solution that will serve as the foundation for your project.



Brand Videos / Demo Reels
Decks / Presentations
Interactive Prototypes
Identity Design

Here’s The Deal

100% Prepayment
Limited Engagement
Proprietary Discovery
3 Rounds Revisions