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Hot Sauce is a motion design and creative studio founded out of a love and need to create something good.


Nice to meet you. We’re Hot Sauce.


Hot Sauce is a motion design and creative studio founded out of a need to create something good.

We’re not really an agency, we’re more of a collective. Small enough to get the details right and flexible enough to scale to your needs. We don’t need a big agency budget to craft big agency quality.


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We Believe in

Empathy & Integrity.


We’ve forgone a long list of buzzwords for something that makes more sense to us. We care about you, we care about us, and we care about the quality of service we provide.


This is how we do it.

We’re an extension of your creative team. We combine ideas that make sense with thoughtful design to craft solutions that move. We’ve outlined our engagement models and linked a deck below:


— Design Starter Kit

Social Content
Brand Animations
Interaction Design
Pitch Decks

We can work directly with your team for
a limited engagement, remote or onsite.

$2,000 - $8,000
3 - 5 Days


— Fixed Investment

Brand Videos & Demos
Squarespace Websites
Brand Identity Design
Presentation Design

For bigger projects we prefer to work on
a flat project fee or estimated range.

$8,000 - $20,000+
1 - 3 Months


— Monthly Retainer

Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Creative Consulting
Studio Production

For deeper engagements we can plan
on working together on for a few months.

Half Day - $400 Full Day - $800
3 Month Minimum


If you like decks, check this out.


Our Process.

There’s no one right way to do a thing. In fact, there’s multiple paths to success. It’s important to us that we’re available and flexible enough to travel that path with you. We combine a process of design thinking and intuition to get the job done right.



Understand the problem, where it lives, and how it affects people.


Frame the problem clearly and create a plan of action.


Brainstorm potential solutions and then shortlist the best.


This is where all of our research and planning comes together.


Let’s work together.


We can help you get your project off the ground. Whatever the deliverable, we can take your idea and craft a quality solution that will serve your business and customers well.